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World may seems to be in chaos more than ever. However, those who know what Evolution within Duality looks like - they understand the game beyond physical. 

There are Souls more than ever on this planet right now, who are paving the path for matter what it looks on the outside. 

Change is here and it is spreading its wings energetically faster than what mind can capture. 

As we end the year, we are preparing for another event in preparation for the Ascension. The event will happen in the 1st Quarter of 2023 to Reset the planetary Energies to facilitate the process of those who are choosing the New. 

And, this is the moment of Quantum jump to New Realities and New consciousness. 

Gaia with Galactic Federation of Light & Councils of Light, will facilitate the Intersection of partial 5th Dimension with the 3rd Dimension, to boost the Ascension journey of her Planetary body.

The energies will be available to all and can be integrated by those in resonance with the ascension journey of Gaia to New Earth Embodiment. 

We are setting up this transmission to share more about these energies, the upcoming planetary Event and Activation to support in preparation for the dimensional intersection.


If you feel called and your Soul is excited to be part of the New, Join us. 

Date - 22nd Dec'22

Time - 04.00 AEST

Register Below.

With Love,

Terra & Manish

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