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Illuminating Light

Divine Soul,

As we evolve, our purpose, our missions are also evolving.

New frequencies on planet are activating the multi-dimensional Vision and Service grid for those who are ready to receive higher realms Reality.

This is an invitation for those who are fully ready to accept and embody their Soul Magick at all levels through their journey of  Soul Remembrance.

You know who you are and you have been feeling the call deeply……as if you are forgetting something, something important that you are here to do.

You are driven and have big visions that keeps you moving.
These dreams that whispers within your heart are the seeds that your Soul planted within you to awaken to the higher realities of Gaia that you are here to Birth for yourself and for collective.

And, this is the process of embodying Soul Frequency and activating Soul Blueprint.

You know - Humanity had been taught to work hard, struggle, push themselves, get out of their comfort zone or take massive action to create anything. 


But, if you feel deeply within your heart - It is craving for ease, flow and effortless creation.

It is deeply calling for freedom, Abundance, creativity, joy and fun like never before.

Because, these are our Soul Codes and we are meant to live our Purpose and serve others through these frequencies.

It is indeed our Soul frequency.

As we go through the process of evolution and ascension - we are de-activating the old grids within our field that had these frequencies blocked and activating the path of graceful receiving to fully anchor our Soul gifts and abilities.

These frequencies are available now on the planet who are ready to take the path of Soul embodiment to activate the higher realms of their Purpose and Mission to assist New Earth Creation.

This is the gift from Gaia herself for your devotion and for your journey to support this planet and humanity to seed new era of Golden Age.

And, if you are reading it, you are one of the ancient Soul feeling the call who has waited and prepared for this lifetime since eons.

Deep down within heart, you already know that.

As we take this journey, we are guided by many collectives, ancient lineages, and councils of Light to support humanity and Gaia to anchor new timelines - as Higher Realms of Abundance, Freedom, Mission and Service.

This is journey to release the illusion of Separation and integrate your own multi-dimensional existence to gift the unity consciousness on this planet.

If this feels aligned to you - then, we as collective who are holding this container to activate your vision, your purpose and mission welcome you in our space and we are honoured to co-create with you.

With Love,
Terra, Galactic and Earth Councils of Light.

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  • Aligning with your Soul Purpose and Unique Soul Frequency so you feel empower to be who you are and what you are here to create.

  • Quantum De-Programming of 3D Slave Matrix/Grid, and activating 4D/5D Template so that you can access higher timeline of existence in alignment to your divine plan.

  • Expand your Channel to receive the codes, teachings and wisdom from higher realms so that you can create your desired realities with ease, flow and grace.

  • Re-connect and Co-create with your higher Soul expressions - the lineages, the collectives and the councils of light that are part of your Soul Blueprint to anchor higher timelines of your Mission and Service on this planet.

  • Open the circle of flow to expand your capacity of unconditional Giving and Receiving as your divine inheritance to access deeper level of Freedom and Abundance.

  • Activate Divine Heart Leadership to lead with Gaia's Vision and to co-create with her to anchor New Earth timelines.

  • Ascension Codes and Multi-dimensionality to tap into non-linear Quantum creation, enabling the remembering and downloading of the gifts, talents, and skills from Past/Future timeliness.

  • Learn the Quantum Architecture of Creation to choose, to create and to collapse timelines with precision to call in the realities your Soul desire. 

  • And, so much more. 



  • 22 Online Live Transmission and Integration Sessions, scheduled twice a month. All transmissions are channelled in co-creation with your Soul and Soul family for highest good.

  • Energetic upgrades and Healing around your Soul Vision and Mission done on your Energetic Field to support your Evolution and Ascension for the duration of the Container.

  • Private Online group support for Integration.

  • Recording of All Transmissions to keep for Life.

  • And, so much more. 

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