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Welcome Love,

I am excited to open space for Exclusive Mentorship with 6 months Group Container that would be available to only 3 Souls.

Who this is for ?

You are already on your evolution journey, co-creating with your guides/soul family & you are ready for quantum shift of consciousness to access next higher timelines of Mission available to you.

This is deep dive into Embodiment of Soul Frequency, accessing multiple layers of Soul Mission & Co-creation with New Earth Grid that is already here.

We start the journey together on 10th March'23.

If you are the One, & you feel ready to surrender to what your Soul is calling forward for you - I am looking forward to connect with you. 

With Love,

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About Terra

Terra is New Earth Visionary\Leader & her mission in co-creation with Gaia & Galactic Federation of Light is to assist with energy based stabilisation of Earth in higher dimension & Implement the New. She is custodian of many projects that are bringing the new technologies, new energies\frequencies on the planet to support the evolution of human consciousness & formation of new systems & structures.

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