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We are the system buster who knows how to transform Matrix from inside.

We are the shape shifters who knows how to integrate multiple versions of our existence as one.

We are the cosmic messengers bringing new light, templates and information changing the paradigm of human existence.

We exists beyond the labels,

beyond the illusions,

beyond the identities.

Because- We see it all.

We see what was,

what is,

and what will be.

Past. Present. Future.

All of it.

We are the new navigation system of this planet,

We are the bridge to new dimensional realities of Gaia,

We are the gatekeepers of higher realms.

We are the New.

And, We are bringing it all from within.

From our heart portal.

From our higher consciousness.

Creating a new light Matrix within our womb.

New Earth is - Living and breathing with us.....AS US.

Sending love to all those paving the path for New.

I see you.

I feel you.

I honour you.

I honour your devotion, your courage and your presence here with all of us.



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