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15th Aug - Independence Day

The day, whole nation-India is going to celebrate the independence. Atleast the illusion of it.

Physical dimension is simply created with many fancy illusions to keep the humanity into trans state so that consciousness doesn’t become aware of itself.

Earth encapsulation made it real experience as we didn’t have access to our own divinity to know the truth.

So, the question becomes - what are we celebrating….when we see deeply each human is energetically still owned by others….ruled by something outside the self.

Oh…religious figures will tell you the stories as they have their investments to keep humans in lower consciousness.

Leadership has no idea what they are leading or leaded by themselves. The game is Real. Matrix play is very deep and seductive in its nature.

So, let talk energetics here -

Ownership of Energy - It is energy pattern woven within carbon based DNA and the very nature of its existence keep this frequency alive.

There were beings who came from different planet to Earth who used humans for their purpose and seeded this consciousness of owning others.

These frequency within collective created magnetic attraction for others who were vibrationally match, those who wanted human energy for their work.

Kingdoms, empire were formed where same pattern was forming and leading lives of many creating slavery within human consciousness that kept going for generations and generations.

India has history of same pattern repeating again and again. Whether masses were ruled by Annanakis who portrayed themselves as Gods and took advantage of people, whether it were kings from different civilisations came over to rule, whether its United Kingdom …same story…

Its doesn’t end here. Recent treaty between US and India. Dubai trying to get its hand within country…..its all continuation of same.

The only difference is - Energy pattern is emerging on surface in different form and shape. As Money and Investor through US or other countries. Just another way of ruling through money. Same vibration. Sourcing human energy in different ways.

Its not only India, this is collective pattern across nations creating energetic flow that is simply inorganic and keeping interest of few on top to keep masses in lower consciousness.

Those who are ready, choose with Intention to move into New Earth grid to integrate your divine self and bring that energy into physical. This is the path to true freedom and raise the vibration & awareness to see beyond the veils. This is where our power is.

Because, we can see the truth and create a change that we desire for ourselves.

The other thing, when such “choice point” open within physical dimension such as 15th Aug, this day…..we have opportunity for timeline reversal. 

There are many timelines colliding on this day opening an access point to alter the fabric of creation. Within New Earth grid, new timelines are already created and active now. To release the old and integrate the new. Your intention is enough to create this ripple effect within your life and collective both. 

Activate your column of Ascension.

State your Intention and bless the old that gave you opportunity to experience and brought you to this point of awareness.

And, connect to New Earth grid to acknowledge your Sovereignty.

This itself will set the energies in motion for your life unfolding in highest.

Remember, you are here for a reason and that reason is not outside you.

You are the future meeting in present with past and changing the course of this planet in new direction.

Thats how Masters has always leaded the consciousness into new direction.

And, that Master within you is waiting for you to acknowledge your own power and presence here.

There is great love for you.


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