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2021 - The year of Repair, Regeneration and Recalibration

New energies are a wave of newness.

Many are already receiving new thoughts, new ideas, new projects, new visions.

As we enter into new era to rewrite the history of this planet and birth the golden age with new earth civilisation - we are gifted with new waves of energies aligned to what Mother Earth has called out.

The energy of creation has also shifted with these waves.

Receive gracefully all that is being poured right now.

And, Nurture it within your womb of creation.

Let it unfold slowly within you.

Let it reveal itself piece by piece within you.

Let it form into magnificent creation within you.

Remember - We create through our consciousness. (Soul Creator Codes).

This is no different than giving birth to a child.

As a mother knows, when baby is coming.

Your body will tell you - when the birth of your creation is aligned for physical world.

There is no control, no force, no effort, no rush, no rigid structures, no time table, no milestones.

We left those old energies behind.

It is all about flow and energetic alignment in new energetic space we are.

Dance between divine feminine and divine masculine.

Divine Nurturing and Divine Presence - co-creating together.

Anything that has been in place with old energies will continue to dismantle.

This way space will be created to create it all with new energies to support Gaia Evolution and birth of new era.

We will continue to see dismantling on personal level, and on global level.

Our relationship with self and others will continue to go through another upgrade leaving behind the old belief systems of separation between masculine and feminine and all that is based upon hierarchies as it has no place on New Earth.

Industries, education systems, financial systems and other organisations that stand on old energies will continue to dismantle to reform and reshape to align with new energies that are ready to bring new structures based upon Unity consciousness.

And, many of these new structures will be birth this year like never before.

This year is invitation for those who came here to participate and contribute to Gaia’s Evolution and Ascension.

We are in Grace period supported by light from all over the galaxy to support this journey.

So, together, we can anchor new timelines of Divine love, Abundance and Sovereignty for all.

Trust your journey.

And, hold love within you deeply for who you are.

Receive gracefully,


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