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4D Open portal - NEW EARTH KIDS

Kids are naturally tapped into 4th dimensional consciousness. This is why they can perceive the energy based dimension where other beings live.

The world of ferries, Elves, Angles and others are part of their inner knowing as part of higher realms of Gaia.

When we are small - we all are tapped into this higher vibration and our imagination world rule our experience.

There is no concept of time in 4D.

Kids do what they love to do, when they love to do.

There are no boundaries or limitation as they experience life through 4th dimensional consciousness where time and space doesn’t exit at all.

Then, at sometime through our environment and education system, we learnt about the Rules, conditions and limitations.

We learnt about Past, Present and Future.

We learnt about time and how to follow rules around time.

We learnt how everything and everyone in this world is measured based upon hierarchies, structures and differences.

We learnt we have to work hard to make our living in this world.

And, with all this, we drop our consciousness from 4D to 3D.

We become so called adult people with responsibilities

The truth is - Our dreams can’t flourish in this space.

And, this is not the space where we feel creativity, joy and flow.

As we take the journey back to our true self to embody frequency of who we are as Soul from 3D to 5D - we are tapping into that version of ourselves (once again)who lives out of time and space,

who creates for the joy of creation,

who does everything for the fun of it........not because of any result or aim to get to anywhere.

This is who we are and the journey is for courageous ones.

The kids who are coming on the planet right now, are coming with even more higher consciousness.

These are advance Souls who are missioned to create new era with their consciousness.

Those adults who are still sleeping will never understand these kids and will fall in trap of thinking that there is something wrong with their child and often use, old method(3D) of parenting based upon force, punishment/rewards where people project their emotions on outside rather than taking self responsibility.

Many of these children are here to awaken their parents and will serve at so many levels......old ways will not work with these kids. They are seeded with different frequencies to birth new earth.

Those parents who are taking the journey will birth a new parenting consciousness. They are able to guide the children for their chosen destiny based upon their higher self guidance.

Since parents are tapped into their own Soul and Soul family - They are able to receive the guidance and their kids will follow the same path. They will learn only to live and create from inner guidance.

This is how we as humanity will release physical anchors from Society that tells us - who we are supposed to be and how should we live our life.

There are Souls on planets right now who are missioned to bring new education systems that can assist new kids to retain their higher consciousness, learn how to use their psychic abilities and create matter with energy.

World is shifting faster when we can see

More of us says “Yes” to ourselves, our visions and our dreams - we are creating portal for billions along with us that lead all of us towards a better future for humanity.

A New Earth

And, if you are already dedicated to your journey-

I love you,

I honour you,

I admire your courage to lead this path.

Receive gracefully,


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