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What a month this has been….

After 21,000 years, Gaia’s Rainbow body got activated and she took another Quantum jump to open Organic ascension timelines with the Original seeders of this planet. DNA of many has been activated across the globe to open these timelines.

We are returning to Source….the place where it all begins… create everything with new energy patterns.

I was guided to disconnect from everything and stay in mountains to recalibrate with the new.

The visions of what is coming are huge and full of massive changes on collective level.

I will share it all next week when i return home.

At the moment - Just ground & Integrate.

Merkaba of planet was spinning for last 3 days as it was aligning to new timelines.

We all are stabilising with Gaia.

Receive and Stay grounded to open and align with what is available now.

With love,


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