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Abundance of the New

Transition is a period to prepare the human nervous system for the New.

To understand, capture and record the new consciousness that is taking place as the vibration of planet continues to rise.

Everything is changing….literally everything.

As we transition into the New, platform is created for us to embody and ground into the new perception that perceives and relate to everything in New ways.

Abundance is no different than this. It is also changing and taking new shape.

3D grid is dis-balanced energetically. Few have too much and others less. It has its purpose because 3D is a place to live within dualities of more/less, rich/poor etc. Souls incarnate to experience both poles across lifetimes to gain its experience through unique consciousness that is present here on planet Earth.

5D platform is complete harmonious and balanced energetically. Everyone has everything they need in here and now. This is basic foundational energy that flows through everything in this dimension.

And, it is inner attitude of everyone that lives in this dimension. Abundance in all forms as needed for Soul experience flows to everyone automatically.

I can’t explain it in terms of beliefs as it is embodied consciousness and corresponding energies that exits beyond duality and human inner fight for survival.

I could access this frequency and new experience only when i took the journey of releasing and dissolving all survival fears and relevant energies. Until we do that, our mind and thought patterns still remain in the old and our experience is not grounded physically in the new. This requires physical upgrades at massive level that are being facilitated by divine self of each being as we continue to take our journey forward.

Transition period is opening these energies in many ways to anchor our nervous system in the new and ground us beyond the dualistic nature of Abundance of the old grid.

Soul is manifesting and creating only that is required for self-realisation and support the journey of evolution.

We can experience struggle of mind wanting something else and not being able to see it manifested. At Soul level, Every reality each day is shaped with what is serving individuals for their embodiment of new and release of old.

And, this is how we are experiencing first hand - “we always have what we truly need”.

If we need more time & space in our life for own embodiment, outside physical realities will clear automatically.

If we don’t need any people or relationships for our journey ahead, they will be released from life in divinely orchestrated ways.

If we need more clients or money, it will flow at right time.

If we need healing for something, it will come to us in ways human can’t predict. You will find yourself in perfect situation or events that will open the doorway to old to clear it finally.

These are some of the examples that can give you insight to start seeing things differently.

You are always served where you are, for exactly what you need.

New is here. Ready to be merged with you.

In new ways. To create and expand the new.

Allow it and it is the most magical place that humanity has waited & dreamed for eons.

It is ready to be birthed through you.



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