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Accessing Library within

How we receive and process information is changing with new energies as we tap into higher consciousness and enable our direct access to what we need for everything.

In 3D, we are dependent on outside for information and it is received and processed via mind. This is how we learned into our education systems and this is how we continue later on as well.

Though, information can add much value in our growth….at the same time, it keeps mind active through outside mean. Not only it loves to know more, understand more, analyse more, it creates the illusion of Evolution through information. There is a part of our brain that feels expanded creating harmonic effect within body as we got something new. Well, in truth it is simply illusion of Growth and Evolution. If we could evolve just by knowing more like this, humanity evolution would have been on differnt trajectory by now. With this illusion that if i know more, i would grow more, mind creates distraction from actual inner world where information is present uniquely for us.

We all are at differing point in our journey which is happening in non-linear way. Today, you may come across something from this lifetime and tomorrow, this situation could be totally different. We could experience ourselves totally different person in same situation. This is how time of spiral is bringing what we need from inside and this process is managed by consciousness not human or mind. Consciousness works outside time space realities and at multi-dimensional level.

So, observe your addiction to information. There is collective imprint of gaining knowledge that can get you more in some ways that keeps mind engage in more transmissions, more books, more videos etc. And, if you are ready, put this imprint into your Higherself container for dissolution and let higherself guide the process.

Even if you are guided outside to engage for support, always know within you….how this information is serving you Here and Now ? Co-create with present moment frequency and know that you will always have what you need.

This is journey to activate more trust within and embody soul abundance at deeper level.

Our higher self container within, is source of information- what we need in each moment, here and now.

The other source that is opening - is our Body. Our Akashic record within through our emotional body.

There is specific information that is accessible only to you because that is what you need for your journey and most importantly for integration. And, it is available through your emotions.

When we are present with our emotions, it becomes the access point to the information stored within. Our body start speaking to us in different ways and it is up to us to explore this co-creation with the library within.

What we are here to explore and embody is unique based upon our Soul journey and experience that we have chosen.

As we raise our vibration, information becomes fluid. It looses the meaning and importance we have given it in 3D. And, it shape shift with new relationship with us. Like everything else, it also evolves and we detach ourselves to what we receive today to what we receive tomorrow. Truth becomes Now and present moment frequency that evolves with us from within.


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