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Activating Divine Choice and Divine Creation in Relationships

As Gaia is taking her journey to re-unite with her 7th dimensional self, she is anchoring new timelines and energies of how each Soul on this planet relate to itself and others.

The new Value system is grounded into Sovereignty, Freedom and Unconditional Love for each being to honour the diversity that Gaia’s blue print offers to experience.

As these values are held within each being, it becomes part of divine creations, divine communities and her kingdom by being part of one unified field.

And, its our journey to lead this path with her as New Earth Leaders by embodying these new frequencies within our being to anchor new templates that are available now.

The old energies are carrying the patterns of co-dependency, emotional dependencies, conditional love, massive expectations, obligations, responsibilities, structures and templates that had safety and security anchored through relationships.

All covered within the roles and identities of Relationships. Man, Woman, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, In-laws, Friends, Kids, Professional Roles - never ending list…..

All these identities defines the rules of who we are meant to be, what we are meant to do and what we meant to have. There is massive conditions that lead people into living and fulfilling these roles through out their life rather than following their heart and leading their life from their Soul.

People live under one roof for their whole life living these roles and responsibilities and never actually knowing or connecting to each other at being level. Not knowing who they really are.

New Energies available are transmuting all these patterns and these roles/identities opening a portal where we get to choose our relationships and how we relate to each other.

By re-claiming Freedom of our being, our heart, our womb, our existence, our life, and our dreams.

It is our DIVINE CHOICE to choose our own relationships and how we want to create shared reality with other being or if we don’t want to with anyone.

New Templates are grounded into the Sovereignty where we relate to each other as SOUL and let our heart guide us through the resonance into our co-creation(Not by Role or identities).


Right now, Gaia is being held within Divine Mother Frequency of Creator and she is bringing energies of Healing and transmutation to assist collective to Release the bondage of generations.


This is invitation for those who are ready to leave the old behind and BE THE NEW.


Connect with your higher self and Divine mother frequency to co-create.

Intent to Dissolve and evolve to the new.


- The patterns of Perpetrator, and Victimhood,

-The Patterns of Rescue or saving or helping others,

-The patterns of Neediness. No one need you in their life or neither you need anyone,

-The patterns of Taking care of others, Taking Responsibility for others, Protecting others,

-Being empathetic and connecting to the problems of other to show compassion. Invite Detached Compassion, -Personalised Relationship - anchored into the emotional energies from the past.


Most of the people connect with each other through emotions already stored in physical body(good or bad doesn’t matter). This creates the attachment between people.


As we are transmuting physical body into Light ,we are activating the feelings through heart which are very different and if you are ready, invite this forward to anchor freedom of your being.


Remember - The journey is within you. Everything we see outside is within us.


We are all the Relationship we ever had, we have and we will ever have.

Its all inside us. Past, Present and future - all existing in this NOW.

We are the seed of the New.

And, it is our courage that is leading new path for all of us.

As we become ONE with everyone and everything that ever existed in our life, exits now or will exist in future - We create the Unity and Love within.

And, from this place of Oneness - New Relationship template is formed. Through our Being. Within Portal of Ascended Gaia. As we desire for us to experience.

As your gift. As my gift.

For you, for me and for everyone else.

This is where Power is, This is where Freedom is. This is where Love is.

All within our Heart.

All within our Being.


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