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Allowing and Acceptance

Accepting everything as it is” - is the most potent frequency of transition to New.

Where mind always feel hungry for more, Heart is rested in peace and relaxed in its forever unfolding.

When we decided to incarnate here in this ascension timeline, we fragmented our Soul in many parts to source whatever we needed throughout many dimensions to create the most profound alchemy across our own multi-dimensional lineage. Though, our human incarnation is focused here on physical aspects and that is what it is intended for, our higher aspects are creating timeline for whatever we need next in our journey as per our divine plan.

This journey is very unique to everyone so we can never be at same point as others, or living same realities or creating same as others even if we think that way and mind keeps that illusion alive as it can’t see its value outside the collective holographic realities. It knows only to rely and thrive on collective imprints and fit-in with others.

There are two things that are key to align our energies with the new.

First, knowing that we came for transition. We have chosen the timeline that will transition self, & hence, collective vibration to the new. We will always be in transition, exploring and creating something new in this evolutionary phase. This is simply new lifestyle and way of being here on this planet. And, that creation spans broader than just material aspects. We are manifesting new consciousness that will change the way material realities are perceived. We are manifesting new energetic patterns to change the relationship with the old and adding new vibration to the collective. We are adding new perceptions to the collective consciousness expanding its existence beyond what it has even known to be. There are so many facets of creations that are being birthed through us. We are truly evolving to see ourselves as conduits for new vibrational currency on this planet that will interface with physical and re-write the way physical dimension is perceived.

Second, Transition cannot be forced or effort at. It was never meant to. The connection with higher self is the portal through which we are meant to source whatever we need for our journey. This requires deep surrender and knowing of who we are beyond this human self. And, if you are not there yet, the most important frequency to cultivate is this Trust that no teaching from outside can gift. It must be sourced from within. We never came here alone and that is upto us to remember and experience. It is only our own individual experience that can anchor that knowing within our field.

As we transition, we will come across many patterns, blocks or limitations that would needed to be dissolved. It is the frequency of self acceptance that will open the doorway of their resolution also. Until we rebel, or judge something, we will keep meeting same energy in some other form. Knowing and trusting that, once you have made the decision to dissolve something, your higher self will start pulling those timelines in alignment to your plan. To mind, this way look totally opposite of what we have learnt as it is conditioned to work for everything. This is where we must learn from within to trust and experience our own alchemy that we have planned for ourselves.

Allow whatever you need to flow to you. As you came here to seed this frequency of Organic Creation.


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