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As the vibration of Earth is increasing, Energy based dimension is opening to more & more people.

This is paving the path to have humanity ready for 5D platform of existence where energy takes precedence over matter.

In physical reality, consciousness is focused & perceive reality through the material structures & related belief systems. In Energy based dimension(5D), everything is perceived through the energy.

Hence, for those who are ready & completed their material based tasks, energy based dimension is becoming available step by step. This is expansion of consciousness to go beyond duality as both dimension start interacting with each other.

The process is initiated by Soul to Integrate the duality within to harmonise all the polarities to prepare ground for Neutrality which is foundation frequency for 5D.

Many highly advanced beings on planet are going through the process right now to Master the Law of Duality and Law of Harmony.

The process may sound simple yet it challenges every aspect of existence as what is happening is beyond mind.

For example – If you are trying to create Success, you will meet Failure as its opposite Pole to balance both of these energies within.

If you are trying to have new relationship, you will meet all the issues from old relationships that are still hanging in your system.

In new energies, nothing can be created through duality. Instead, it will trigger the clearing process to bring all the dark, negative & limitations on the surface to be recognised, & finally dissolved.

Both poles will meet you again & again until completely gone & you are finally free (once again). We can never be in our full Power until we have old energies hanging in our systems.

If you are here tuning to this message, you know what is taking place in your life at the moment as you navigate through the transition phase which is super demanding on your system & abundance of the new as it gives you access to your unique essence once again to experience life in its fullness.

The path may look different for everyone as Soul takes the journey to maximise its experience through the richness that is offered on this planet in many ways.

Consciously observe whatever is coming your way. It is not only helping you to become Master of Energy, it is also preparing you for your future tasks on this planet.

Transition may be scary to mind as what is happening doesn’t exist within its known framework & you will not find any explanation outside you. So, your higher-self is your best guide here. This is also opportunity to create this solid connection which is foundation of what is about to open for you in coming months/years.

Give yourself plenty of space to process, to capture & to record internally whatever is opening in front of you. You will notice that all the themes, realities & topics will start coming in your life by itself as higher-self drives the journey to the new.

As you harmonise different polarities within, you will access the ease that you have been longing for a long time.

Your Inner self emerge with all its colours fully grounded in its true essence.



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