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Gaia is going through complete integration with her Divine Self to embody her higher expression right now.

There are two parallel streams running for Ascension.

Gaia’s Ascension timeline

Human evolution timeline

At the moment, they are separate yet connected with planetary upgrades. At some time, both streams will merge and human collective will follow Gaia’s Ascension timeline.

We all are riding the wave of our Mission in one of these timelines and they are manifesting differently.

I am fully connected to Gaia’s Ascension timeline and everything in my life restructure each day to flow with her Rhythm.

I am bringing it into your awareness so that you can allow yourself to follow your own rhythm. There are many who are feeling confused about their Mission right now. It is all about allowing our own guidance to lead us. We have created the vibrational plan for self before we came here and it is time to remember and trust our own creation.

Things are changing faster than we can perceive in material world. Energetic movement and potential are accelerating at the speed of light creating new dimensional platform which will be opened to many in upcoming years as Gaia stabilise within her new expression.

Exciting time ahead🌏👑

With love,


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