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As we connect to our heart and invite our higher self with intention, we are poured with high frequency lights from our higher existence and soul/galactic family.

That light - those high frequency photons, we receive into our crown to embody higher frequencies within and it flows to Earth through us as we walk on this planet.

Earth lovingly receive all this light from her awakened ones and create a quantum soup and share it back with all - her humans, planets, animals and other kingdoms.

We are in a timeline where our personal and planetary journey to higher dimensions are aligned.

Knowingly or unknowingly- each one of us is creating a new earth.

When we tune to our heart and tap into our Soul Intentions- the dreams that are birthed from that space are pathway to New World we all deeply desire.

Our visions and dreams are seed of our and planet evolution.

And, the doorway is through our multidimensional being.

That not only fulfils our individual dreams but also divinely combines the collective intention our Soul planned for this incarnation - the highest timeline available to us.

Path to divine freedom and abundance.

Receive Gracefully,


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