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Divine love is accepting everything as it is.

It is only from that place, we can expand to another frequency.

The collective grid beliefs around - becoming best version self or being better than yesterday are grounded in lack.

From that place of lack and not loving it, force frequency is used to change the existing realities.

No matter how perfect it looks outside, within that frequency - mind plays the song of self criticism.

That identity dominate the internal world of the person.

When we choose to come here, we also chose the 3D reality of separation and polarity.

So, the journey is not getting to some milestone where everything is done, achieved & perfect - which is the illusion created by Matrix reality.

The journey is to explore the frequencies within so that we can experience ourselves with different realities outside.

And, There is no end to this journey.

We are ever evolving being and there is no end to evolution.

When we take the role of explorer, then the Qs simply becomes - What else can i explore more of ?

Get Curious.

Stay in open possibilities not in conclusions.

We are always experiencing our own consciousness.

There is not outside and no where to go.

The path of easiness, grace and flow begins with loving and accepting our journey and being in explorer state.

Receive gracefully,


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