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Being the New Human

Planet is changing in the ways we could never perceive through the lens of old or ancient teaching.

These teachings or energies are visiting us simply to be integrated and released.

Old consciousness, old practices, old way of perceiving the self & others are not the way of New.

New Energies are New. Brand New. They will take you beyond anything known in this or other lifetime and there is purpose in that.

We are integrating the history or past at all levels and at the same time - letting it all go.

Last year, Gaia asked me to add all collective teachings around divine feminine to transmutation grid of planet. I started seeing the distortion in all that was available on planet and at the same time their purpose in the context of timeline they were brought to serve.

This released many threads from my life anchored in old and from collective grid creating the space for New that Gaia as Ascended being is bringing forward which is anchored in its Androgynous nature as Light Being.

Old framework sees the masculine outside and dis-integrated within.

Same energies are perceived in relationships, within divine union that is outside of self.

Woman perceive masculine outside in Man and Man perceive feminine outside in Woman.

Brotherhood and sisterhood grids carry same subtle energies which are also dis-mantling slowly.

This os bringing whole new consciousness on planet and changing the way we relate to divine union.

Our life belongs to only us and not to feed to anyone outside in any relationship, in any form and it takes lot of Soul Maturity to invite and shift the old paradigm of human relationship.

Allow yourself to be fully honest with yourself.

Invite the new energies that sees no dependency, no responsibility, no obligation outside.

Mastery is path for those who are able to take full responsibility for their own energy and stand alone within their own divinity.

As pure and clear consciousness.

In harmony within.

With no gender.

This is where we are heading.

Enjoy the journey.


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