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Beyond Duality - Abundance & Wealth of the New

Updated: Apr 7

3D consciousness & Society formed through consciousness is based upon Duality.

We can experience this duality in every part of Human experience.

Often Souls spend their life times within one polar end to explore the experience and then come back to experience the other end of the polarity.

Due to increase in frequency of planet since last many many years, people started experiencing both end of polarity within same life. World is full of such example.....Not having money and then making lot of money.

Now, as 4D bridge is open and the vibration of planet is increasing even more faster, Souls have opportunity to experience and reconcile these energies even more faster.

This has opened the access point and portal within consciousness to move beyond Duality which was not available on planet earlier.

This is significant mark within the evolution journey of planet and human consciousness.

Many Souls has prepared with lifetimes to be here at this time to raise the consciousness of planet beyond duality to anchor the new energy of Neutrality as foundation of new human experience.

Old grid of Abundance & Wealth is also rooted into Duality. And, this grid is founded on the belief system of Having or Not having. Two polar end.

If we have something - we feel abundant and if we don't - we don't feel.

There are respective emotional energies that hold these belief systems together creating separation within human collective and planet within lower consciousness.

Once you start seeing it within yourself and how you relate to your own abundance & wealth, you will see how entire media, industries, financial systems & organisation are formed & promoting same belief systems.

So - what is new access key that is bringing new perception and way of relating with new energies.

Tune to the below transmission -

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