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Beyond the 3D evaluation and measurement system

In 3D grid, value system is attached to the world economy system. Anything that doesn’t have money attached to it, doesn’t have same place within society value system as others.

Simple example of this is - Women directing her energy and life force towards kids in their nurturing is not seen and valued in society same as the one sitting in board room and making big profitable decisions or impacting life of million other people.

These layers are created through hierarchy system within the society to channel and direct energy towards the creations that are influenced by few on the top.

The identities of Achiever, Missions, Visionaries etc within 3D grid is anchored within same energies. And, we know that when we “measure” or “evaluate” ourselves through anything outside. This is how these identities are plugged in. How much money, How much impact, How many people, how many XYZ…..

Evaluation and measurement system within society keeps these energies alive. And, keep the split within human consciousness creating barrier within and not feeling good or enough until we fulfil this criteria.

There are many layers seeded within based upon conditional love that simply restrict the Soul to experience its fullness and its purposes in each moment.

Our Energy, our life force can never be measured or evaluated through any condition outside. It is same currency of love that flows through us when we are playing with our kids, when we are planting and nurturing the plants within our garden, when we are taking a walk in nature, when we are creating projects and enjoying co-creations, when we are simply sitting on meditation pillow, when we are enjoying shopping for ourselves, when we are talking to a random person on road, when we are connecting to many others through our Soul gifts…….There can never be separation or evaluation of this energy that is coming forward as surge of lost love throughout generations. It is upto us to remember and embody it once again.

This is what divine love and divine creations of new are bringing. Can you imagine a society with this unconditional love that exists beyond any conditions and simply exists as forever flowing river within our heart, within our societies and on this planet….

That is what New Earth frequency is. Unity within.

As you take the journey of evolution to embody your higherself,  mind may want to create inner wealth and creations through what it has known within the framework of 3D, Soul is taking path to dismantle these layers to create new energies within so that new pathway to new projects, new communities, new connections can emerge from within.

You are the Creator through which new is being birthed through. It will never ever take the old path as you are here to create new one that leads the human collective energy and new planet into new direction.

And, that path is within you and is being built under the guidance of your own higher self (even without you knowing it 😜)

Enjoy the most magnificent journey of your life.


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