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Every reality is held together by thought patterns like a constellation.

Our view of world, what we experience individually is result of these constellations within our Aura.

Our unique projections outside as mirror of inner realities we hold inside.

As we shift to new realities, we are called to release old patterns to bring new patterns from our higher self consciousness to embody more light here.

As we evolve and bring more light within our field, we add new frequencies to collective.

As they become part of collective, it becomes available to everyone.

As it becomes available to everyone, we all rise together.

Current energies are bringing collective perspective on a deeper level than we have ever experienced before.

Our visions are merging together to create a collective Vision.

Our missions are merging to birth a collective Mission.

All rooted in the direction leaded by Gaia as we are bringing it all forth for her.

This is how new earth leadership will lead.

FROM a collective Vision.


FOR a collective Vision.



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