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Duality is basis of everything in 3D realities and the grid of spirituality offers same perspective which is causing confusion in collective as they are feeling call from Soul.

Being raised in India, i heard many messages through spiritual teachings like - “Physical is just illusion(Maya) and root cause of all suffering. If you want to connect to GOD, you have to leave all behind”.

Many cultures offers same perspective. And, Yes, it can be perceived from many frequencies. But, i am not going to go into the details of it.

I am going to share new grid of Spirituality or Love or Creation(all are same) that is holding the Ascension bridge together and leading us towards 5D.

Parallel reality that has been opened up for those who are ready to align with New Earth Frequency.

Let me first explain - what is physical and non-physical.

Non-physical - This is Pure consciousness, Observer, Creator - Divine Masculine - Shiv - Formless

Physical is Shakti. Manifestation. Creation. Form. Divine Feminine

We can’t exist in physical without Feminine.

Our Body, our emotions, our feelings, our creations, - all of it is part of we experiencing divine feminine.

For both Man and Woman as these two frequencies exists within both.

Separation and suppression of divine feminine on planet caused spirituality to take only one shape - To experience higher consciousness by disconnecting the physical.

To add to that, many religious structures has been set up to control humanity by creating the idea of something wrong to suppress our connection to our own Body which perpetuate further separation. Suppressing Sexuality and Emotions is one such grid.

The practices like meditation with focus on mantra or something is using masculine ways to connect to Source.

There is nothing wrong with it. But, this is half part of who we are and this alone will not lead us to New Earth.

In the past/parallel timelines- There has been many spiritual masters who ascended by leaving physical to non-physical. So, many are referring to same teachings even now.

But, In current Ascension timeline- We are not leaving physical behind. We are not leaving divine feminine behind.

Instead- she is leading the Ascension Bridge calling Masculine to re-unite to anchor its higher expression as Divine Union.

So, we can create new world, new systems and new structures to thrive in Physical as Non physical beings.

Feminine connects to Source through body senses, through pleasure, through nature, through creativity. This is simply another way of meditation.

Earth is Divine Feminine being and she is calling us to heal our relationship with our own physical essence so that we can assist in this new creation with her.

This is the only way forward.

Let go of old paradigm as it doesn’t belong to New Earth grid.

We are here to Create New.

We are the New potential,

New Possibility,

New Timeline - Gaia has been waiting for.

Allow yourself whatever way you feel to connect to your Soul, the Source within.

As you take journey through 4D, you will feel sometimes drawn to connect via masculine ways or sometime feminine ways as you integrate both these energies within.

It is simply part of the journey to integrate and learn to dance with both.

Love your dreams and your heart desires as they are seed of your evolution and Blue-print for New Earth Creation.

Bridge the two worlds within.

And, birth something new with your mission abundance.

There is so much love for you.


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