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Many are feeling the change but can’t put exact finger on it.

Deep calling within bringing new from many directions.

As Soul brings these signs, it is obvious to be curious to see what is becoming available and unfolding next.

This frequency of curiosity is coded within Mission Souls who are here to create the New Earth and change the fabric of reality with their Missions.

As we remember more of who we are, we are guided to release old to create space for new.

New ways of living and relating to each others.

New Ways of exchanging energy with each other.

New way of creating and building new architecture.

New way of birthing each part of our life as ceremony here.

To live the most auspicious and sacred life.

Full of freedom, joy and abundance.

All of this new that we are here to create is not outside us.

It can’t be found in the realms of mind.

It is coded within our DNA and in our akashic record.

And, this information is becoming available as we take the journey of Ascension to activate more of our Soul codes.

Old memories are leaving the field and new memories are becoming alive.

Through dreams, through activations, through meditations, through deep connections.

All these codes and information is scared and has been protected within specific frequency capsule.

Only when we are able to raise our vibration to that frequency range by opening our heart and Gaia is ready to open collective timelines for this - it is becoming available to us.

Through our own integration process, it becomes part of our consciousness and we start projecting it through pineal gland.

This is how we are accessing new quantum realities with new beliefs and new templates from within.

There are no efforts required in this process except opening up to allow and receive what is already available within.

This is also where mind can create challenge because this is whole new way of creating realities with heart consciousness where everything is getting activated from within.

This is also why - New Earth Creation is a Soul Remembrance Process.

We are not here to learn anything from outside.

We are here to anchor and embody what we have already learnt and assimilated through lifetimes within our Akashic Record and Soul Blueprint.

We are the New Earth.

We are the New Timeline.

We are the portals.

We came with everything that was needed for this creation.

And - It can be accessed only through Heart.

Connect to the heart and co-create with higher self and Soul families.

Intent to bring more of your higher essence here in physical body.

Go deeper than ever you have ever been.

There is so much love for you.

And, all that you are bringing for all of us.


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