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We live in vibrational realities that reflect back as mirror through physical reality.

When we navigate our world through the energy and frequency of it, we open the door to infinite possibilities.

The creation simply becomes the selection of frequencies from the cosmic buffet.

Our work is to choose the frequency not the physical form.

So that we can play freely and experience the joy in ever changing physical reality.

When we activate the codes of our own multidimensional existence, we remember that frequency is literally the key to all realities.

This changes the paradigm of what we value, how we live our life and who we truly are.

We drop the illusion of looking for answers in “How to guide” that is based upon 3D programming.

Instead, we dedicate our life to activate dormant codes within us that open the doors to different frequency realms to access all that is already available to us.

We drop the 3D rules of linearity that are based upon matrix constructed “Time grid”.

Instead, we access the quantum realms where Past, Present and Future exists in NOW giving access to whatever our heart calls forward without any rules.

We drop the illusion of “Doing it all by ourselves” that is based upon 3D program of “proving our worth/existence” with matrix pre-defined rules.

Instead, we align with our own higher existence to co-create with Soul and other councils of light that are here to support our creation.

This is where we tap into Divine Freedom and True Potential of our earth existence that is full of excitement and curiosity of ever unfolding creation.

Our frequency is everything.



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