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At night, i was processing emotions around few relationships and as i completed the process, my Soul family told me that my work is done and I would be placed in new Reality in the morning.

I always feel excited when i am told new Timeline is becoming active.

While sleeping, in my dreams - I saw few people close to me dying. And, there was version of me who was grieving like 4 yrs old. My higher self told me - Let her be. Let her complete her process and hold unconditional love.

In the mean time, i was reviewing so many realities with these people and I was shown, how I had been with few people over many lifetimes and what is the purpose of them coming together in this incarnation again.

I was offered a higher perspective of Earthly Relationships and how they are linked with our personal/planetary evolution and Gaia’s Ascension.

And, then, I was given a choice to close the loop and I knew if I shifts things here in this reality, it will have effect on all my parallel realities. So, I made my choices.

In few hours, I woke up……but this time, I woke up with different perceptions around many people in my life.

My consciousness was shifted. So, my reality and timeline.

I had no attachment to any 3D relationships and was connected to these people in 5D grid at Soul level.

I released all karmic ties and soul contract that night across many parallel life times reconciling all of them to anchor the higher frequencies of love.

I am able to experience deeper Freedom and expanded devotion to my mission.

Not only this, i called in Soul Relationships that I have cultivated in different lifetimes in higher realities so they have no anchor in 3D grid and I am able to receive unconditional love on different level now.

I share this with you because this is what is available to humanity right now. We are in different timeline and different frequency of Evolution that has opened a Grace Period for Earth with so much support available.

What used to take years and sometimes lifetimes- is available to us in weeks/months if we choose to ride the wave of Ascension with Gaia and our Soul/Star family.

All New Earth missioned Soul are offered an opportunity to clear the old so they can create new foundation for Earth.

We are not taking anything old into New Earth 5D frequency. It is not possible.

New Earth is build on the foundation of - Love, Freedom, Abundance, Compassion, Mission, Service and unity.

We are cultivating these frequencies within us so that we can be new anchor point for 5D collective consciousness.

And, if you know - you are here to anchor these frequencies and ready to co-create at higher level, I invite you to receive the gift of 4D/5D codex -

With love,


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