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When Ascension frequency meets the frequency of descension into unified field of Oneness - it creates the maximum Potential for Soul.

The timeline which was anchored into the Soul Blueprint before incarnation descend from etheric realm to Physical realm for birthing new life.

Last many many weeks, I have been navigating change at big level.

Experiencing Death and re-birth at so many levels like never before.

Its felt like - I am waking up each day into a new world.

Closing old girds. Choosing new grids.

A part of me struggled in the beginning - can things really happen so fast? Is this real ? Human side of me.

The other part of me knew - I have been preparing and riding the wave of all these potential energies for a long time. Soul side of me.....that has been buzzing with excitement.

And, it all came together as completion of my Life as "Shalini".

A deeper part of me was expecting it, was intentionally creating it since the day I entered onto 4D Bridge.

The process of reconciliation and re-integration began to close the timelines of 3D/4D that I was carrying within my field from my own lifetimes and my ancestor timelines.

And, as I completed them - the meaning of whole life shifted.

Through the portal of Soul Remembrance, I saw the divine plan that "Shalini" came with....... to open the Ascension bridge and take the journey of Integration for Soul frequency to descend within Physical body.

I sat to experience my own Death with at-most joy and love that I never knew even possible to honour all that I had been and the path I paved not just for myself but for collective.

The energies that had been downloaded into collective grid through my journey....for those who are ready to receive and riding the wave of Ascension.

And, with that completion, I welcomed the new whispering from my Soul, Gaia and Soul Family.

Terra. Your New Name

Your Soul Frequency to initiate new chapter for Ascended Gaia.

As Embodied Leader from Sophia Lineage.

I felt so much spaciousness in my field as these downloads started integrating, mix of familiarity and newness both starting buzzing together.

Unknown, yet with deep curiosity and excitement to experience myself all over again.

A feeling in my body as if she knew - This is I AM. Its here now.....ONCE AGAIN.

And, at the same time, I felt deep honour and respect for "Shalini" who is part of me and will always remain.

The divinity of my human journey, the grace of every moment no matter how I perceived it - is forever registered within my Over Soul experience enriching my consciousness to serve at such a deeper level across multiple timelines and realities.

Descension is Integration of Divine Human embracing all parts of us no matter what energies they are.

Inclusiveness of all are the basis of Unity creation where all exists within consciousness. It was always and it will always.

I am so excited to initiate new chapter of my life with new frequencies, with new potentials, and new creations.

To continue paving the path for humanity to lead our journey through Ascension bridge to serve Ascended Gaia and Collective.

To create new human potentials and embody all that we are - As Multi-dimensional Being.

And, To BE THE NEW I AM AS ASCENDED GAIA - As there is no Separation between me, you and her.

Sending you all my Love,


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