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3D reality stabilise itself on hierarchical structure and human consciousness is projecting countless templates, beliefs and grids within to keep it alive.

“Being the Best version” and constantly striving towards it, is one of them.

There is a part within that doesn’t accept who we are - right now. It sees lack or need for improvement.

And, from that place, it creates the experience to become better, each day.

The pain inside is alive telling - you are not where you are suppose to be.

We can use mind to tell us Positive stories to clam us down in the moment but it actually doesn’t work.

The energetic patterns still inside runs the show and comes back up again and again.

This is how hierarchical patterns run deep within. There is another version of us that is better, that is more and that is superior.

Both parts are within human consciousness.

The one telling- you are not enough, pushing to become more and the one actually doing it.

This is how lower masculine is playing with feminine inside.

I can’t accept you who you are. I can’t love you as you are.

Outcome -

Heart still remains closed.

No matter how much we achieve outside. Its all creation of mind.

And, these ways will not work on 4D/5D as it is path of Heart.

It is path of Unity, love and harmony.

It will take courage to accept, witness and hold love for all those parts within that are feeling separated, feeling not good enough, feeling like powerless or hopeless.

It is also our own creation as alive as anything else.

The Divine Feminine coming forward for acknowledgment and to re-unite with Divine Masculine.

Once we take the path of this unity, outside Race doesn’t matter as we are able to collapse the hierarchical patterns inside running the show since centuries.

Love of divine feminine within calls more of divine masculine as higher consciousness shifting the timelines to create and experience new realities.

This is the path of New Earth creation from within.

And, it is available only through heart consciousness.

It will have you leave behind all teachings, tools, templates and structures of 3D as we can’t create higher realms of realities with lower dimensional teachings or practices.

Old is dying each day and each moment to birth New.

Earth as Divine Feminine being is accelerating faster than ever to open new timelines for humanity to catch up and align.

And, these timelines of Ascension requires unification within for creation.

Pure consciousness and Divine love blessing and merging together to birth new realities for Gaia.

Take the journey to unlock and remember all that is within.

Call higher self wisdom to guide each day.

And, choose whatever path is guided to embrace new.

There is so much love for you.


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