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The frequencies of Ascension and co-creation with our Soul family is assisting us to expand our Receiving beyond what can be expressed into words.

3D grid is based upon conditions that has rules, structures and so many conditions around Receiving Abundance that is our birth right.

As we are taking journey from 3D to 5D, we are seeing through these layers, and releasing them to Accept what we desire without changing anything within us.

3D conditions has so many templates and beliefs created around - Who we have to be, What we have to do, What we have to have to Actualise our visions, dreams and timelines.

Everything is conditional that makes people feel unworthy and undeserving until they fulfil the criteria dictated by 3D grid.

As we awaken to our gifts, our soul expression, our soul frequencies- It is important that we accept and share them unconditionally as source of abundance and creativity for all.

This is how we start sourcing for all and giving/receiving becomes part of the same flow.

The voice that tells - who are you ? To do this, to have this ?……comes from collective conditioning around proving our worth from external systems.

Classic example is to have degree, study or certification done so that someone else can stamp and qualify our own gifts.

It is time to see through all these illusions.

Remember, what always has been inside you, belongs to you inherently.

This is journey of Receiving from Self. There is no one outside you.

When we expand our consciousness to 4D/5D, we start seeing the 3D grid clearly to navigate it consciously and it empowers us to re-claim what has been all available to us all the time.

We transmute the conditions that tells us - we have to be someone, we have to do something or we have to have XYZ- In order to Receive Abundance and Love.

We are always whole and complete.

And, worthy of everything as we are.

Everything else is simply a limitation imposed on Self. And, we are the only one who can take it off.

The journey from here requires acceptance, allowing and receiving from your heart field. Not from anyone outside.

Receive gracefully,


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