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Credit and blame are two sides of the same coin.

Duality within consciousness.

If we give credit to someone else for our life then we also somewhere blame others for the things in our life.

Two streams run in parallel. Observe Consciously next time.

It is ingrained within social conditions to give credit to God, family members, teachers, coaches, Government, political/Social leaders, organisations & even councils…..the list goes on creating hierarchical patterns and expectations.

Those who are at receiving end - unconsciously feed their significance based upon this. 3D Rescuer or Hero template of leadership projecting victim consciousness within society.

Those who give credit - unconsciously give their creator power away to others feeding victim consciousness.

Most people have both patterns running within as they are part of collective consciousness.

Both are illusions. Giving and Receiving. And, we can never embody “Creator Consciousness” with these patterns. 👆

As Creator - We choose to incarnate ourselves here, we choose each and every person(diff energies) to interact with and create unlimited experiences throughout our life. Physical and Non-physical both. Its all our own Creation.

As we chose ourselves, others also chose to be part of that co-creation.

In each interaction, there is equal energetic exchange even if it is not visible to mind which act as fuel for Soul evolution of everyone involved and collective co-creation.

Who we are today is because of all these co-creations and all the experiences we had.

Not only in this lifetime but also as eternal being.

It is only by releasing the illusion we can own our own creation and embody our true power within.

Once we realise this potential within, we can activate true Creator codes to create a new platform for existence that is based upon Neutrality.

With Love,


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