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Embodiment of ascended master template within

Over the last many decades, many highly developed beings came to planet with mission to stabilise the vibration of planet.

Their work balanced the duality to keep vibration of planet as high as possible to prepare for its Ascension.

Ascension may seems new word to many but at the same time, many beings has been incarnating on planet in various settings to do the needed work. It was to separate the earth and human collective ascension timeline.

Gaia is stabilised into 5th dimension now which means energy based dimension will start opening to many beings who will pave the path of new in coming years.

This begins with the opening of energy based perception for each individual to be able to navigate realities beyond physical. Allow yourself to be guided by your divine self for this. Energy based perception exits beyond all physical senses and everyone has unique way to perceive realities in energetic ways.

This gives access to more wider perspective of who you are and why you are here. Your energy based tasks starts to open showing various aspects of your individual mission.

There are many beings on the planet right now who are here for energy based stabilisation. They dissolve the old energy fields and create new. And, as soon as new is installed within their life, it becomes available to everyone as new imprint. To the entire world. Higher selves of everyone are constantly looking for new imprints that can lead the full embodiment of New and Self empowerment of their own human incarnation.

This is how ascended masters had been serving the planet for decades. Their work always exists beyond physical yet flow into physical effortlessly.

Many are going through embodiment of their Ascended Master template and skills right now. These abilities open naturally as soon as you reach to certain vibrational level. This is also why, clearing and dissolving the old is taking priority for many. You can never be in your full power and bring your natural wealth into this lifetime until your holistic system clears the old. All these abilities and skills lies beyond physical dimension and human mind capabilities.

If this message resonate with you, and you feel the energies embedded within it, allow your higher self to guide you each day for each step. You are precious on this planet and there are many energetically supporting you for your embodiment. Your path is unique and enriched with all that you have eve created across many lifetimes. Allow all that to become available once again.

There is so much love for you.


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