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Where world is dis-mantling at all levels to move the old energies, many of us are being initiated to hold Source Consciousness to balance the energies on the planet.

No matter who you are, where you are, know that you are important and your presence here matters a lot at this time.

Holding the source consciousness means fully embodying the CREATOR Aspect of Self.

Being Source of all that we created for our experience,

all that we are creating and,

all that we will be creating for our own experience.

Past week, I closed two major Soul Contracts of my life.

I sat with the higher self of each person, taking full responsibility for the energies that I chose to experience through those vibrational relationships.

Honouring and respecting our earthly experience to honour the Creator that I am and my creation with the Creator they are.

Where many sit with judgement, resentment and blame when triggered by others, I chose to fully receive from my own creation and honour it for its existence to open the door of unconditional love within and outside.

This is not the time to create story about others, this is time to take radical responsibility for our creations at all levels.

Because, we are the Creator and Source of it all.

Whatever we experience in our world - inside or outside, It is our own creation and giving us opportunity for balancing the energies.

And, Always remember,

We are always meeting ourselves through others as there is no one outside.

Love is the only way forward.

With love,


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