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END OF ALL RITUALS - journey from metaphysics to mystery realms of our existence.

Mind knows only how to survive and create with stories, structures and templates.

The world of Heart exists beyond all that because it is based upon timeless experience of our own consciousness.

The difference is - which one we experience first.

Thought or Feeling.

Observer - Do I feel gratitude naturally or i write gratitude list to feel it?

Mind creates thought and that thought create feeling. This is how we have been creating our lives and vision.

When we create stories to tap into feelings, we end up manufacturing our own feelings and often suppressing what is already there behind all that.

The end result is - To do list of rituals that is based upon - If i don’t do this, I would not get the results or I wouldn’t feel good or just another Should list.

This paradigm is based upon “DOING”.

There is another way that will take courage to experience ourselves - our own consciousness, our own heart and to witness our honest feelings buried inside.

The path of “Being” , a true initiation for self actualisation and into deeper freedom.

When we allow ourselves to experience our own Being - The journey of Inner transformation begin on a much deeper level.

This is where we start receiving from our own Being who has come here to experience its own creation as this beautiful incarnation.

We enter into the realms that initiates us into deeper knowing and presence where - We feel everything through our heart first and receive the thought from our own being.

This is paradigm shift from Mind to Heart consciousness.

The path to Higher realms existence.

To truely - Just BE.

This takes - letting go of identities that are based upon Control - “Doing, Making it happen, Rescuer, Survival etc”

When we release them, and we surrender to our own being - we open the doorway of trusting our own consciousness and receiving from ourselves on next level.

This is where our true Freedom is.

This is where fun and play becomes our norm and there is nothing left to do except just allow the journey to unfold as it is meant to be.




New Earth is a play ground for those who can walk this path in full acceptance of their being with love, courage and dedication to their own journey.

To be the portal of new realities and new possibilities for all.



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