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Energetic Action in the new

When we get impulse or guidance to create anything in physical from higherself, it is always Neutral in Nature.

That means, it has no agenda, no expectations or no outcome. It is flow of energy that starts summoning the co-creative components beyond physical world for the intended timeline.

When we use mind to connect any meaning in leaner ways, we step outside the flow of multi-dimensional energy and sink back into 3D linear way of doing or creating something.

New Earth Creative energies are breaking these patterns and if we don’t connect back to higherself container to see beyond physical or beyond mind expectations, it will create frustration as we don’t see things moving in physical based upon those expectations.

Remember, Every action is multi-dimensional in nature and serving beyond this Now connecting multiple timelines. This is how consciousness creates realities.

These energies are also overriding the fixed patterns of creation that works on repetition or models created by mind - If we take number of steps, we will get certain results. These patterns are grounded within 3D structures and Soul is taking journey to dissolve them and releasing connection to these ways of creating or manifesting anything.

Tune to Gaia’s 5/7D crystalline core to receive the new energies that are available now and assisting humanity to connect back to original design of creation that is always creating in new ways.

This newness each day, in each creation is what Soul deeply craves for.

And, it is available within Gaia’s portal for those who chose to walk this path of bringing new energies and new way of being.

The pathway to new.

Terra ❤️

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