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I still remember the day when I received the download how weather patterns(outer atmosphere) are tied up with our inner atmosphere. Elementals outside are simply mirroring the chaos or calmness inside us. There was no separation. Our physical bodies are gift of elementals and they mirror outside whatever we feel as collective inside. This was early in my journey and I did not know that I was tapping into my own lifetime of Lemuria…..opening the portals within to the light technology available to all. This changed my perspective on how we perceive life as such. I was able to see how the solution of every problem is hidden within our consciousness. I could see what is happening within consciousness of cities where we have massive pollution and how it is being created by the people. In 3D consciousness, we see everything outside us and we approach the solutions by taking action or creating or fixing them outside us. In higher consciousness, we are the Creator of all from within. As we are taking journey of evolution and ascension, we are going through the paradigm shift. A BIG ONE. A NEW LEADERSHIP IS EMERGING. TO CREATE THE NEW FROM WITHIN. We are remembering our connection to all that is. We are remembering the seeds that we carry within to anchor the new. And, the journey begins inside us. Through our own evolution to expand our consciousness to the frequency bandwidth where everything already exists. New Earth Leaders are here to lead from within. To remember what is already known to them. Connect Embody Lead With love, Terra

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