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Evolving Relationships

As we chose to bridge many realities and create new pathways for consciousness, we have chosen Soul themes at individual level.

One of these Soul themes emerge within relationships we have here on Earth within family structures, within partnership or with people we work with.

Humanity has been living with relationship patterns that are anchored into hierarchy, dependency and ownership as basis of 3D consciousness.

These patterns has given us unique experiences and at the same time, we are dissolving them to create bridge from these old way of relating to new way of being where relationships are anchored into Freedom and Sovereignty.

5D energies are based upon Soul freedom and its own purpose to experience the chosen reality with free will and sovereignty. It doesn’t look outside itself to create physical or emotional dependency. We still have people in our life. However, consciousness is grounded to relate to each other to honour the free will of everyone.

So, there are no energies or patterns of - Belonging to anyone, Responsibilities to others, Obligations to others.

These threads simply create deviation of free will of Soul to choose itself in its fullness to live the life it chose for its own purpose.

As we walk through rest of the days of this month until Lion Gate portal in Aug, we are receiving many upgrades to release these old energies to activate the new that we also carry within the self.

Many of these old energies are ancestral in nature and present within our seeding through mothers womb. So expect lot of healing around your own womb to reclaim the Sovereignty of your energies and ownership of your life.

Bless the old as it dissolves and embrace the new within your being.

This unconditional love is the bridge between all the worlds, all the realities and all the creations.

Invite Gaia or Sirius B council of Light or Lemurian Council of light assisting to open these portal within us to expand the Love that we are… your higher self guides you.

There is much coming our way👑


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