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With powerful shift of 8/8 portal, we are closing many old timelines with today’s full moon. August is indeed month of powerful activations and full of manifestation potential.

As we enter into new cycle, Gaia is looking to stabilise the energies of new timelines.

And, we are reminded of Individual Creator Power to anchor her highest Vision of Unity consciousness by embracing diversity and love within.

It is natural to experience turbulence as we go through stabilisation of energies as it open the portal of transmutation for all.

At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to choose what we want to anchor and experience from the buffet of frequencies available as Creators of our individual and collective reality.

We are invited to alchemise duality within and expand more love.

To hold more light.

To hold more love.

As our mission and service to this planet.

It is our free will to choose our frequency each day and embodying the power of being Creator as Individual and as Collective to define the direction and timeline we want for our home, Earth

She is always there to support us.

With love,


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