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Our ability to experience peak of bliss is equivalent to our ability to experience the depth of emotions on all scales and frequency range. After all, Earth is a planet where Souls incarnate to master the realm of emotions.

As we take our journey to higher consciousness to expand our capacity to receive more freedom, more abundance and more love within, we have to expand our perception within higher frequency bandwidth.

We are not leaving lower consciousness behind as such. We are integrating the lower consciousness which expand our perception beyond 3D/4D realms and then we can choose to live in whatever reality we prefer.

In order to expand our consciousness, we have to embrace all of our emotions no matter what they feel like. And, this is where most of the people get stuck.

Social conditioning and having been lived into mind driven world for so long, the moment people experience lower emotions- they tend to go into Solution mode, pro-con analysis, this vs that mode. All these are 3D patterns to run away from feelings that may give bandage solution but never ever actually move the underline energy that is creating the fear within.

Energy will always find other outlet to manifest in physical because that is how it works. There is no un-manifested energy.

This is also we may have the illusion of one area of life working as soon as we put bandage but other area of life starts showing same energies. Same emotions. Same feelings.

There is no escape from it if we don’t allow ourselves to “feel” it all. Our feelings are the most powerful ability available within our human experience to move the energies.

In ancient culture/tribes, there were women who could go so deep in loss or grief that they would move the energies of entire tribe to shift the consciousness. They were powerful space holders for the entire community as pillar of light who knew how to navigate the realms of emotions to serve the tribe as they lived in ONE tribe consciousness.

It is important for us to embody this power within as it is the gateway to higher realms.


Allow this gift of divine feminine to be fully integrated within.


Embrace the Divine nurturer within that sees nothing but Love in all experiences.


And, if feel called - Invite Gaia to hold space for you and embrace you with love as there is no one closure than her here, present with you to integrate this divine feminine essence. You are not alone and you were never meant to do it all by yourself.

With love,


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