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Someone close to me went through upgrades recently and said to me - “Shalini, I purged you big time”.

My response was - I am glad you did that. I am glad that you choose YOU. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we choose ourselves, we expand our Freedom grid.

We release weight of expectations from our field and we give same gift to others.

3D relationships are based upon co-dependence frequency.

It is full of expectations from others, people pleasing, impressing others, making other proud, taking care of others…..just to name few.

All i see is a human slaved with Responsibilities, obligations and heavy loyalty.

Who is constantly thinking and living for others.

True Freedom is a state of consciousness.

Full liberty to choose what we desire and how we want to experience our life.

But, when we have 3D patterns running in our field - it keeps us in our own created limits.

Not going after what we truly desire.

Saying Yes when we want to say No.

Asking for others Permission.

Seeking love, approval and validation from others.

Doing things that we don’t want to do.

And, it cultivates Self Denial and Self hatred deep down causing frustration and anger which comes as blame on others when reached to its limit.

Many are experiencing it more than ever right now.

We are receiving upgrades as collective to embody our divine power as Soul desire to manifest the state of freedom for its full expression.

As we receive these ascension frequencies, anything that is in conflict is coming to the surface for release.

Soul is offering opportunity to evolve and expand to create space for new frequencies that can anchor new relationships based upon love and equality.

Breathe into it and co-create with violet flame to transmute.

Let go of mind need to understand or analyse anything as this is beyond this life time.

Invite your Higher Self and Soul/Star family.

Breathe into your heart.

Feel whatever is offered by your being to acknowledge and accept.

And, Release with unconditional love to open space for higher frequencies available to you.

Sending you all love,


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