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A time comes in journey where we see the separation created by tools, rituals, ceremonies, prayers, processes and visualisations etc.

A program template infused by many religious, spiritual and personal development teachings.

3D consciousness uses them as a mean to get to what it wants and many get stuck in timeline that if I don’t start my day or follow this checklist, I wouldn’t get what I desire.

We must feel separation from what we desire within to believe in the lack and unconsciously, we end up creating dependency on external processes, & giving away our power to them rather than embodying our own power of creation.

New Earth energies are invitation to embody freedom and power of our being and remembering how to evoke energies of our creations from within, from infinite flow that is always available to us in co-creation with our higher self.

We can still use whatever tools or processes we desire as celebration and invitation to the new. But, we are no longer dependent on them. They become extension of us as we welcome the new together. They flow with us, take different shapes and form with our creations.

We, together dream the new into being and open our field to receive the energies from within.

Into the field of love,

Into the field of inspiration,

Into the field of creations.

Don’t be afraid of letting go of the old ways….

New is here and waiting for you to simply allow and let it in.

In the expansive field of Freedom and co-creation.

With love,


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