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With “Inter-dimensional merging grid” open now, we have new energies available.

One of the key upgrade within Gaia’s grid is - upgrade of Frequency of Creation.

Gaia’s womb technology is unlocking the codes within to activate new frequency of creation to birth the new dimension in its totality.

Every planet has its own treasure and for Gaia, it is its womb - it is a place where life can be birthed in many forms. 

When humanity consciousness dropped in separation, this technology was disabled except for birthing the physical human. There are so many other treasures hidden within this technology and that is why it has been favourite place for many beings throughout the universe.

Gaia was seeded with the intention to be Galactic Hub for our galaxy and human DNA was gifted with everything that was needed to anchor that timeline. Now, you can understand the potential within us and who we are truly meant to be in our true essence.

Womb technology was gift from Sirius Star system to enable the power of creation within human DNA that opens the cosmic portal and connect every creation with the architecture of life through out Universe.

Allow yourself to receive whatever is becoming available to you as we move through the manifestation portal of Inter-dimension merging. 

Receive more of yourself and enjoy your forever becoming to bring the New on this planet - whatever that looks like for you. 

There is great mystery unfolding for all of us. 

How to connect to the energies that are available with this portal -

1. Activate your column of Ascension.

2. Call your higher self to flow through you.

3. Invite your divine self to merge with you. 

And, simply receive. 

With love,


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