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Flow is simply allowing the creation for the joy of creation.

This is gift of divine feminine that just moves the energy of creation simply to experience the love in that creation.

No expectations,

No agenda,

No results obsession,

No outcome,

No other reason.

All theses above grids comes from unhealthy masculine energy that doesn’t value, honour and love the natural flow of feminine and always attaching some goals around the creation.

This is where DOING program plays deeply.

And, our deep need to know everything - WHY, am i doing it? What am i going to get? And, if i am not getting anything, why should i do it.....or something wrong here?

These programs are results of deep suppression of feminine energy and unhealthy masculine energy within collective carrying the pattern of self criticism.

When we allow our feminine side to flow, accept it for what it is.....and let go of any judgements or any attachments around it - we are able to tap into the flow frequency.

This also takes to heal and integrate divine masculine who is able to simply accept, allow, receive and deeply appreciate feminine for what it is in the moment.

This is how flow from feminine and presence from masculine is experienced when we are able to receive ourselves from ourselves without any conditions.

As we integrate these frequencies within us -

We become the flow and presence witnessing that flow.

Dance of feminine with masculine

Creator with its own creation.

Doing everything for the fun of it.

Celebrating it.

Appreciating it.

This is the key that opens the door to ease, grace and effortless receiving.

Receive gracefully,


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