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Unity is accepting the diversity in everyone.

And, it begins within us with love and acceptance of Self.

Remembering, that each one of us is such a special unique fractal of source energy exploring Earth together here.

She hold the same love and same space for everyone.

As we transition to new earth, our deep connection to her is activating dormant codes within us to call our soul memory back.

To remember, what it means to be truely abundant and thrive here.

To remember, how being custodian of earth opens the door to our highest timeline here.

To remember, how co-creation with each other as source energy elevates existence here.

Its all here.

Within the heart portal of Gaia.

Connect your heart to her heart with Intention.

And, let her lead you to your own wisdom of lifetimes hidden inside you.

Its all here

Ready for you to re-claim and share with others as your unique frequency.

And deep down, you know you came here for this.

She is ready for you.

Receive gracefully,


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