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Every physical reality is simply held by energetic frequencies.

Until, we are anchored only into physical - we are simply seeing a very small fragment of our existence.

To embody and experience, higher realms of Earth, with abundance, freedom, service, devotion, passion, love, kindness, co-creation, ease and grace - We simply choose to leave behind lower frequency worlds that are based upon - “Power over other grid”.

As we let go of these frequencies, we download higher consciousness direct from our Soul and Soul families to anchor higher light - Higher frequency of Love.

As our frequency shifts, we literally enter into different reality, a different world that exists right here.

All worlds or realities are simply different bandwidth of frequencies.

If we want to change anything in our life, it is simply letting go of energetic strings that are attached to current realities not serving us and accepting the new frequencies that are already available.

And, this journey is for courageous ones.

Who knows they are here for a bigger purpose.

Who knows that they have something special to share with the world.

Those who are willing to step into new and completely leave old behind.

Who can rise above the physical attachments - people, places, status, power, fame, or things - all old realities.

Who can see the magnificence of their presence and power of their heart.

Gaia is ready for those with all in her heart.

With her love, to offer you that has been kept as treasurer in her higher realms

Trust your journey and your Vision.

Let your Soul guide you.

There is so much more to you that you have ever known and its all available here.

And, its all unfolding perfectly.

Receive gracefully,


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