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I used to run away from religion and spirituality because what was available all around me, it was all anchored in Fear frequency.

I never felt at home with many teachings/practices and unconsciously, denied that world which was projected through 3D grid.

To me its all about LOVE.

But, Love that empowers us.

That mirrors our highest expression.

That shines through our creations.

That radiates through our being.

3D grid felt totally opposite of that .

Worshipping someone outside and full of belief systems anchoring reality that someone else is creator of our life and we are dependent on this God named identity for everything that happens in our life.

Prayers were grounded in constant Asking. (From Lack).

With practices to impress God identity and creating more pattern of People Pleasing that flows to family and society systems.

When i saw the victim consciousness that has been promoted through these cultural programming, I was blown away.

Until we have the energetic patterns in our field that put someone else on pedestal and give control to someone else - WE CAN NEVER EVER FEEL EMPOWERED AND FREE.

This is just one of the hierarchical structure in place. There are many more like this that are breathing and living within us.

I am sharing this with you to create awareness of what this reality offers and what else is available.

We have choice to choose what grid we want to create and experience.

There are many realities available to us to play with. Thanks to Ascension frequencies that are enabling us to perceive so much more right now.

To me, my connection with Soul, Soul/Star family, and Gaia allowed me to experience the love, the abundance and the freedom which was unknown to me.

It allowed me to cultivate a new relationship with Source Energy as part of it not someone outside dependent on it.

Every Soul holds the mirror image of Source.

This is how Source experience reality through so many windows.

And, we hold the same CREATOR CODES as Source to create our world.

We are the creator of everything we are creating….not anyone outside there.

Our frequency is the doorway to all world we experience.

I invite you today to embrace new frequency of LOVE AND DIVINE POWER that holds you deeply as its creation, and equally enjoy co-creation with you to create each moment of your life.

Let it flow in everything you create and experience.

And, feel the magic flowing through your being.

From my heart to yours,


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