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Unconditional love is our natural state of being. Yet, we fear it the most.

The deepest wounding of humanity is - Not being valued for who we are.

(Not what we do, who we are as existence).

When Soul arrives in physical dimension, it brings forth its intention for life, joy of being on planet Earth, and its light as pure presence of Source Energy.

There is only pure love that emanates from the being.

However, when received by others, the same light is not mirrored back….as if no one could actually see the Soul. All people see is their own projections. Their own expectations created even before child is born.

This is where the split in consciousness begins. And, the journey of identity to fit-in into the outside world with inner craving of same love that it embodied when arrived but couldn’t find reflected back.

Over the time, we become lost into thousands of identities finding the meaning of our own existence and importance in the world.

So that we can be someone, achieve something, do something and feel valued for it.

Underline all this - is craving for deep connection and inner power.

Once we create identities based upon DOING and HAVING - It threatens ego to death if we loose them. Because, on other side the duality of being “Nobody” and “having nothing” exists.

So, the game of Control begins at all levels to hold what has been created.

If we are truly in space of unconditional love held by someone, it brings identities on surface fighting for survival. Because, in unconditional love, there are no identities and it is place of pure presence.

I had lived all this and it takes every fibre of being to open and deep devotion to love to release all that is created by identities to come back to the purity of who we are.

As we do, we return back to the magic of our own Soul Frequency, we integrate the duality within which heals all the judgements.

As judgements are healed, 3D is integrated with Source Energy piercing its light through everything.

The separation melts away and a new reality is open where inner joy radiates love for everyone and everything around.

Gaia has received Source Energies this year that has opened these frequencies and our ability to integrate our true essence like never before in accelerated ways.


We are on the greatest journey humanity has even been and my heart is full of joy seeing so many paving the path.


Sending you all love,


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