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Emotional Alchemy- Vibrational Codex within.

Our visions, dreams and desires that flow from the heart chamber are the most beautiful gift we bring with us to create and experience our creator essence.

In last few years, humanity has created a lot by harnessing the power of mind experiencing its creation. This has paved the path to show what is possible when we align within.

Most of these teachings and those who brought them to collective seeded the power of creation within human Soul.

At the same time, as planet is evolving, everything must evolve with it. There is ample of opportunities that has opened for us to move beyond what has been already existing. And, this is needed to align with new energies that Gaia is bringing and creating with.

Humanity has lived within mental plane for many many years. Hence, much of that is available is to create new realities using thoughts and beliefs. Creating new pathways through mind.

There is great alchemy happening within human physical body as we go through this transition to new. And, one of those alchemy is to work with emotional body to bring mental and emotional body in sync. This is to create natural and organic alignment between thought and feeling vibration. This is path of love and compassion rather than forcing and controlling to create anything through mental body.

New mode of creating and living within New Earth energies requires great strength to surrender and flow with the energies that are becoming available. Here we are required to allow and accept what higher self is opening for us rather than jumping up and forcing creation of anything mind wants.

Mind creations are birthed through energy of "wanting" and "needing". Both of these energies are anchored and rooted in deep lack within and coming on surface to be alchemised. We are faced with resistance outside as we create with these energies which is simply sign of opening our heart pathways to natural abundance that is waiting for us as we move beyond these energies.

There are times when we can feel like - Not being able to control anything and simply surrendering may seems like loosing power. These are the times we must realise the illusion created around feeling powerful through control vs feeling powerless when simply in allowing and accepting effortlessly. The old energies pattern that creates the conditions and programs of feeling powerless with feminine aspects of surrender. Connect to your higher self for great wisdom within when encountered any challenges outside. It is in your heart center where you will find the answers and alchemy that you need in your own unique situation.

There are very few leading the way as emotinal alchemy is a vibration codex in iteself that is activated for very few who already has the ability within to pave this new path for collective.

As few come togther to strengthen the emotional body of planet through their own process and embodiment, this vibrational code of Ascension process will be activated for others.

As always, trust your own process and the path you are leading. It will connect exactly as needed in divine timing. We are masters walking with our own light into the unknown and it is our own light that we must trust. This light will illuminate step by step whatever you need, i can assure you that.


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