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Hierarchy Within

Over last many decades, human consciousness has perceived “Saviour/Rescuer” outside.

Religion and spiritual systems has created many idols and identities based upon this.




Every Religion have some Father/Mother figure sitting outside guiding the masses.

There are plenty of spiritual stories, myths and scriptures exits to keep this illusion alive and shared through spiritual teachings and movies via entertainment industries.

You are Consciousness and everything you perceive outside is your own aspect. It can’t be anything else.

So, the way you relate to all these figures is you only. It is your own energy.

In 3D, this consciousness of separation keeps hierarchy alive. Having someone bigger and grander then human itself.

It has created so many patterns within collective - worshipping others, praying to others, looking others to save etc. All of them are simply creating more of victim consciousness.

And, there are those who are experiencing the other pole of duality by being Saviour - Helping others, Doing things for others, Serving others, Taking care of others etc.

The energies entangled within these patterns keep people within same consciousness. It is loop that simply keep repeating itself.

If you live victim aspect looking others to save you, you also carry Saviour within and playing that also somewhere.

If you are Saviour, then you also experience yourself as victim somewhere in your life.

Allow yourself to be shown by your divine self, where these energies are playing within your life.

Where you put others before you.

Where you are doing things for others because you think you have to or you should.

Where you connect with yourself, others or even your Cosmic families with old energies.

Intend and decide. Call forward whatever is not serving you and doesn’t belong to you any more.

Consciously dissolve and let go.

Your energy is all you have as your Inner Wealth through which you create everything.

If this energy is directed outside to create for others because of 3D programs, you are not free.

These aspects will show up again clearly as soon as you allow them.



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