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Higher Mind Integration

As we move through this Lion Gateway portal, new timelines are being created by Gaia for planetary upgrades and enabling humanity to connect to its higher essence.

Part of this upgrade is access to Higher Mind.

Humanity has lived and being ruled through the aspects of lower mind which is destructive in nature and physically focused. No matter how much we create with it, it remains within survival consciousness and effort based reality.

So far, the creations has been done with this mind within physical realms and required to change the beliefs systems by programming it externally. Its like convincing and re-programming this part of self to experience different reality. This has take humanity further in evolution to some extent but also kept within lower frequency bandwidth to what humanity is actually capable of accessing with given frequencies and codes available within core of Gaia now.

And, this is where integrating the higher mind comes into the picture. With higher mind integration, mental body becomes in harmony with emotional body overriding thought for created by lower consciousness. We can access love and compassion not only via heart but also through the higher aspect of mind.

This consciousness was not available on planet for masses yet because it required purging of lower densities to even make it available for human consciousness. The light and energy it hold is way beyond what human body was able to handle and would trigger timelines of destruction if forced to integrate.

The integration of this technology within requires the upgrade within physical structure to make it compatible with the other parts of human body. So, no need to say that it will require purge of densities to prepare body for this which is individual process and guided by higher self of each Soul who is ready to open this new realm within to experience self in totally new way. Being gentle, and being kind with self are the keys to embody patience like never before…..because it will slow down you like still water that i can assure you😎

Those who feel resonate with the frequency of this transmission and know within that it is part of their mission to create new human dimension, hold the intention to open this timeline for you as you walk through this lion gateway portal. Energies are already available if you are drawn to connect.

Here are the steps if you feel to access this timeline within you.

Activate your column of Ascension

Breathe into your heart and connect with heart field.

Invite your higher self to co-create this intention

Invite higher mind to merge with lower mind and heart field.

And, simply breathe into that merging of becoming one and receive.

You can simply include this in your daily practice if feel inspired from within.

For those who are holding the timeline of New creations through divine feminine portal within…….You can add one more step of activating womb consciousness and merge that also within heart field bringing up and below energy field in unification. This will also assist you to heal and integrate any aspects of separation between masculine and feminine within.

Enjoy this gift from our beloved powerful planetary being Gaia.

All is here for you.


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