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We are in middle of great transition on this planet. The split between 3D and 5D is rising each day and many are travelling the path ahead on 4D.

The energies on the bridge are very different to what we experienced on 3D for centuries and are constantly getting upgraded as we integrate what is available for each one of us. Change is the only constant in this realm and rhythm of this planet as it goes through evolution to embody its higher expression.

It is natural for mind to seek the solution within its own known territory in the beginning as we start the journey. May be you stumbled upon few books, within known spiritual concepts, following many others who seems to have what you desire, doing activations after activation and so on…..

We all have travelled the road in so many ways. At the end it all comes down to -

🌹Honour whatever arises within. Our life is sacred and everything that arises within is part of this sacredness. And, it takes tremendous courage to honour each aspect of us.

Can you love the the aspects of life that are dis-mantling and creating more space for new? The love of your higher self who wants to elevate you and your life.

Can you love the aspects that triggers you and planted by your higher self exactly as needed to enable the transformation?

Can you love the aspects that you perceive in others as wrong that are synchronously brought in front of you by your higher self for integration?

Can you love the aspect of self feeling anger, sadness or frustration - the gift of higher light in your field ready to merge with you.

Can you also love the aspect that wants to blame others for whatever you are feeling so that you can acknowledge its voice?

Can you deeply madly love whatever is arising within in each moment as your own creation?

We are our own greatest creation and all other creations outside are born from this one.

We are the seed of all that flows through us, present within us.


Our life,

Our Thoughts,

Our Emotions,

All situations, events in life.




Being CREATOR is full embodiment of being SOURCE for all that arises within & hence in our outside.


All that was.

All that is.

All that will be.


It was you.

It is you.

It will be you.


I was that i was.

I am that i am.

I will be that i will be.


With love,


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