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As we welcome new realities with new frequencies, we release the old to create space for Integration of new.

In this process, whole of our being goes through the upgrade.

The physical, The emotional, the mental, the spiritual.

Each layer gets upgraded with new frequency and takes its own time to go through this process.

Old emotions creating dense energy leave the field.

The neurological pathways gets upgraded with new frequencies rewiring new beliefs.

Each cell in physical body calibrate to new frequency birthing new body all together.

Any civilisation taking journey from lower to higher dimensions goes through the same process.

We dis-mantle the old individually and collectively to create new.

This is the way of Evolution.

And, as we remember that we chose this journey so that we can birth new realities, new world through us - we truly understand the sacredness of this process.

We honour the release of old with deep love, patience and kindness.

We give time and space to our own Being with same devotion as we give to new creation to honour this process.

We activate deep love, and abundance to give and receive from self.

We embrace all of it knowing the deeper meaning and purpose of our own existence here.



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