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We all are ONE. Everyone is aspect of Self only.

We experience ourselves through others based upon how we relate to them.

It is this relationship within our consciousness….very unique to us….that is creating our experience of outer world.

Since, this relationship is unique to each individual - each one of us is carrying very unique signature frequency which is creating our unique reality.

When we start tapping into this abundance as GIFT OF REFLECTION, we start navigating all energies available to us consciously.

We start co-creating with these energies to RECEIVE MORE OF WHO WE ARE.

And, as we start receiving more of who we are, we start integrating the aspects of us that has been waiting for lifetimes to be recognised, appreciated and loved.

We start expanding our consciousness and that enables us to tap into gifts and abilities that were not accessible from lower consciousness.

More we Integrate, more we bring back of us… in this lifetime to serve our purpose, our mission and our service to Gaia.


Ascension timeline is not about learning anything new.

This journey is about INTEGRATING that we have learnt and anchored as different aspects of self across many lifetimes that is being reflected back to us through the house of mirror each one of us is living in.

This is the process of SOUL REMEMBRANCE .

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